Retail & QR codes: Clubcard Points for effort.

A QR code, yesterday

Wandering around Tesco yesterday I was struck by the amount of QR codes available to scan on various products and pieces of POS display.

They had one next to the iPad display – “Scan to learn more about iPad2″ – and various codes on game and DVD displays that you could scan to watch the trailers.

Trouble is, my Tesco has no in-store wifi and rubbish reception, never mind 3G.

Even if it did have 3G, data allowance is limited and expensive once the allowance runs out – I’m not gonna use it to stream a video trailer or a commercial for an iPad.

So I have to say, “good effort, Tesco” and give them points for trying. Clubcard points.

QR codes work great for that kind of thing in magazines, when you can scan and watch over wifi, or in a full 3G area should data allowance not be a concern, but in a cavernous, dead zone warehouse of a supermarket they’re just not suited.

What do you think of QR codes in retail? How could they be used better?

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One Response to “Retail & QR codes: Clubcard Points for effort.”

  1. Andrew Burnett
    November 11, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    Tesco, and other retailers, should simply offer free wifi.

    Another great example is John Lewis, especially given their price promise, would benefit from givin their customers free wifi. Their Edinburgh store in particular is a dead zone for even mobile reception, let alone 3G!